El Curanto

An intervention with history through cooking. For Katiushka the community and the space for dialogue and conversation that happens around the table or a fire with a meal is part of the process to art making. The collective body that is created in this instance is much more interesting than the individual consumption of ideas. The artwork or the process of art making creates a social environment where people come together to share and exchange. At her residency at Museum Of Modern Art in Chiloe, Katiushka spent time with Mapuches, understanding their process and ancestral techniques for making curanto, a traditional dish wherein red meat, seafood, and potatoes are cooked underground in a wood-fire pit coated with nalca leaves. A traditional curanto was made in community at the museum for everyone to feast on together while creating a dialogue concerning history, tradition, and the importance of preserving our roots. The process will be documented and shown while consuming the fruits of our efforts.