This Ain't Havana: Paladar in Queens

This Ain’t Havana: Paladar in Queens is a cross-cultural culinary, art and architectural collaboration by artist Craig Shillitto and the Queens Museum’s Cuban architects-in-residence Yoandy Rizo Fiallo and Osmany García Fuentes. Bringing together Queens pit and grill masters from an array of Latin American barbecue traditions, This Ain’t Havana uses their small dishes as a symbolic journey throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America. Guests will gather at a ‘migrating’ table that during the course of the installation will be simultaneously added to and deconstructed, it’s materials being used to fuel the BBQ that is providing the evening’s fare. With food, drink, and fire, this participatory art project has something for everyone.

This Ain't Havana: Paladar in Queens took place at the Queens Musuem in July 2014.